Canada Digital Day

IT Leaders' Best Practices for Digital Transformation

February 9th - 2pm ET / 11am PT

IT Leaders' Best Practices for Digital Transformation

IT leaders are being challenged to protect company digital assets while enabling seamless remote work experiences. According to Forrester, “the number of remote workers at the end of 2021 will be 3x pre-pandemic levels”. CIOs’ roadmaps are now, more than ever, influenced by the need to adapt and create a resilient organization that can pivot quickly.

In this context, digitizing and automating agreement processes that are everywhere in the organization, from front-office to back-office, are becoming imperative.

Join us February 9th at 2pm ET/11am PT to discover:

  • Best-in-class digital transformation practices
  • How DocuSign eSignature allows more than 750,000 companies to operate securely in remote situations
  • How DocuSign helps IT leaders digitize agreements processes from preparation to signature, execution and management
  • +350 native integrations and open APIs that help create seamless digital workplaces