Strategies for Data Privacy Law Readiness and Digital Transformation in the Benelux

Regulation around data privacy is a complex patchwork of different international, national and local laws and regulations that makes compliance increasingly difficult. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has given data subjects new rights and fundamentally redefined the relationships between businesses and data subject consumers. On the heels of those laws, new regulations are taking effect all over the world that will give consumers new rights over their personal data.

As additional laws are passed and enforced, there is increasing pressure for businesses to responsibly manage customer data and meet their obligations under evolving privacy regulations. There’s no singular path to achieve compliance with the existing series of laws, let alone remain compliant with the complications introduced by future laws and regulations. Instead, businesses are likely best suited to focus on strategies involving compliance workflows and that will streamline business activities in support of data privacy compliance.

About the Roundtable

During this roundtable session you are joined by 30 other experts, to openly discuss the future of work and the issues that arise with it. From data privacy complications with the laws changing day by day, and digital transformation challenges, now more people work from home, more often than not.

Why Join?

You will gain insight into how others cope with digital transformation and deal with Data Privacy Laws, what solutions do they have in place? A DocuSign customer will join and share their experience in the implementation of digital software to support their customer and employee experience and answer any of your burning questions.

The following topics will be discussed during the roundtable:

  • Working digitally and compliance
  • Working remotely/flexible
  • Keeping up with data privacy laws and regulations
  • Keeping existing agreements up-to-date

 DS Calendar Icon Thursday, 19 November, 13:00 - 14:30 CET

This event is moderated and hosted by DocuSign

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This roundtable is a virtual event and will take place on Zoom and will take place in English. You will be divided into groups where the discussion will be led by a moderator.

Language: English