Digital Day: Forrester Insights To Transform Your Organisation's Agreement Strategy

All business processes rely on agreements —whether those are agreements between business units, clients, partners, employees, or even a mix of these stakeholders. So why aren't they digital?

With manual processes come issues - poor customer experience, delays and legal and compliance risks. So now more than ever, firms are examining their agreement processes to determine where and how they can be more efficient, more user-friendly, and more secure. While there have been improvements year over year, the opportunity is still vast for firms to continue digitising, automating, and connecting their agreement processes.

In January 2020, DocuSign commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate firms’ systems of agreement to underpin how firms are managing agreements. Finding that only about 50% of organisations integrate systems of record with their agreement processes, and that manual processes adversely impact core business goals it's time to automate and integrate the entire agreement process.


Join this 45-minute webinar to understand how organisations plan to stay competitive and join our live Q&A.