As an organization focused on both careful handling of sensitive data as well as accelerating the use of digital information, DocuSign is committed to maintaining our customers’ trust and improving your outcomes. No lawyer should ever have to wonder “is my data secure” or “is my product secure” when executing an electronically signed agreement with DocuSign. As the need to support remote work increases, DocuSign continues to protect our customers’ critical business and personal information through innovative products and technologies.

Please join DocuSign in this exclusive virtual discussion for the legal community to understand how our team leverages our strong innovation and compliance culture, robust data security and information management safeguards (including our highly reliable data centers and encryption technologies) and our deep expertise around data privacy and evidentiary requirements to reliably meet the dynamic and varied needs of our customers.

In particular we will dive into how best practices in using DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud can help you to quickly, efficiently and securely manage your agreements and ensure that you can reliably prepare, formalize, manage and enforce your agreements.

This 45 minute conversation will leave ample time for participants to ask questions and engage with our experts.


DS Calendar Icon     Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 9 am PT

You will learn:

  • How DocuSign prioritizes protecting the integrity, security and privacy of critical business and personal information
  • What we are doing to actively engage in advocacy and compliance of key global privacy requirements to ensure that products continue to align with these ever evolving obligations
  • How we assure our customers that despite national and global changes and catastrophic events, we are able to continue to consistently provide a reliable global digital service offering
  • How DocuSign’s approach to electronic signature compares to other signature approaches (from traditional wet signatures to image squiggles to less mature electronic signature offerings)
  • How DocuSign’s Agreement Cloud can help you meet your end to end agreement lifecycle needs and obligations