Event Information

Everything you need to know before joining us for our first annual DocuSign Developer Conference.

I wasn't able to register for the conference, can I watch sessions On Demand?

Yes, simply click the "Sign up" button to gain access to all the sessions FREE On Demand.

  1. Then choose the sessions you want to watch.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to view your Agenda.
  3. Click the Agenda link in that email and then scroll down to view your sessions with a green checkmark next to those you selected.
  4. Next click the WATCH button.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email, how do I watch my sessions On Demand?

Please reach out to developers@docusign.com and we will send your confirmation link directly to you.

  1. Click the Agenda link and then scroll down to view your sessions with a green checkmark next to those your selected.
  2. Next click the WATCH button.
  3. Be sure to check your SPAM folder - sometimes they get filtered there by mistake.

The conference content was more advanced than I anticipated, is there a beginner webinar I can attend?

Yes, we recommend checking out our DocuSign 101 on demand webinar.

I registered for the event, but couldn't attend. Will we receive the recordings post the event?

Yes, all registrants and attendees will receive a follow-up email about a week following the event with the recordings and resources from the conference.

Can I add, change or remove the sessions I want to view On Demand?

Yes, you can Add/Remove or watch as many as you want On Demand. Simply click the Add/Remove button to update your session selections.