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We appreciate your engagement and look forward to welcoming you again next year. Stay tuned for the exciting announcement of this year’s winners on April 10, 2024!

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Award categories


Digital Transformation

Unlocking digital efficiency

If your organization has harnessed the transformative power of Docusign to streamline processes, eliminate paper and optimize the way you do business, this category is where you belong. The Digital Transformation category is all about recognizing those who’ve turned their organizations into well-oiled, paperless machines.


Customer Experience Excellence

Elevating customer and employee relationships through seamless transactions

The Customer Experience Excellence category is for those who’ve redefined customer interactions through a seamless and efficient experience. We're looking for stories that showcase how Docusign can create an easy, simple and trusted experience for your customers.


Innovation in Action

Pioneering change and embracing technological advancements

Innovation is the cornerstone of progress. If your organization has leveraged Docusign to pioneer new ways of doing business, whether it's through custom applications, integrations, automation or creative platform use, we want to hear your story.



Making a difference

At Docusign, we appreciate customers who are transforming their own operations while making a difference. The IMPACT category celebrates those who use Docusign to drive positive change in their communities, industries or the world at large.


Change Champions

Championing transformation within your organization

Is your organization on the front lines of driving change and modernization? If you're a change management champion within your organization, this category recognizes your hard work and dedication to driving innovation from within.


Small Business Growth Driver

Celebrating small business stars

New to our awards program is the Small Business Growth Driver category, specifically designed to honor the achievements of our small business customers. If you're a small business that harnesses the power of Docusign to achieve remarkable results in a competitive environment, this is your opportunity to shine on a global stage.