What Brexit has changed for import and export documentation

Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 12:00-13:00 CEST

Brexit: import and export documentation

Brexit has changed a lot for doing business with the UK. But what does that mean for import and export agreements? What documentation do you need and how can you prepare for any future changes? We will be discussing the changes in documentation that are needed for customs clearance between the UK and the Benelux.

We are joined by Bardo Schutz, Director of Innovation & Information Technology of Customs Support Group, and Goran Danilović, Trade and Customs lawyer at Bird&Bird, to discuss the changes that have been made to documentation due to Brexit and any questions about the legality of digital agreements.

Both UK and EU businesses will be affected by Brexit, when it comes to agreements, businesses on either side of the channel will need to think of how to manage risks effectively, adjust for technical change and how to meet regulatory obligations.

During this webinar you will find out how to manage all of these changes and more!

Join us 18 May, 12pm CEST to find out more about import and export documentation between the Benelux and the UK.

In this event

Charlie Weijer
Charlie Weijer
Area Vice President
Bardo Schutz
Bardo Schutz
Director of Innovation & Information Technology
Customs Support Group
Goran Danilović
Goran Danilović
Trade and Customs Lawyer