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DocuSign Women in Product Development Leadership: Executive Presence

Thursday, November 11th: 10:00am-11:00am PST

 Come do the work of your life at        DocuSign

What does it mean not only to be a women leading in tech but to be seen as one? We're sitting down with some of the women leading DocuSign's product to find out. They'll be sharing what executive presence means to them, how they continue to develop their leadership in a remote workforce, and so much more. Join us on November 11th at 10:00am PST for the panel and Q&A.

Come do the work of your life at DocuSign!


DocuSign Panelists:                                                           



Katie Simpson                                                                     Madhu Rawat                  

Christina Hamlin                                                                      Gayathri Venkataraman 

Senior Director, Product Design                                          Senior Director, Product Management - Foundations


Katie Simpson                                                                     Madhu Rawat                  

Katie Simpson (Moderator)                                                Madhu Rawat  

Manager, Information Experience                                                       Senior Director,  Engineering  - Prepare     


Selvi Chennai                                                                     Tanya Casey

Selvi Chennai                                                                            Tanya Casey

Senior Director,  Engineering - Foundations                                Senior Director, Product Management - Incubations

Opening Speaker:

Tom Casey

Tom Casey                                                          

SVP, Engineering