The Big Rethink: Does Customer Experience Need a Restart?

Thursday, October 7

1pm AEDT | 10am SGT | 3pm NZST

With the global economy projected to roar back into growth, we have a once in a career opportunity to redefine customer and employee experience from the ground up. Whether it’s a return to office or a return to retail, everything old is new again.

Hear from entrepreneur extraordinaire Janine Allis, and behavioural science leader, Dan Monheit, in this insightful online live broadcast event, as they share strategies to empower your employees to get to the heart of what customers want and need.


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Join this event to learn:

  • What businesses can do to maintain positive customer experiences
  • The role employees and culture play in creating a great customer experience
  • How you can restart your customer experience

In this event

Janine Allis
Janine Allis
Founder and Managing Director
Boost Juice Bars
Dan Monheit
Dan Monheit
Anthony Slater
Anthony Slater
Director, Customer Success