Developer Webinar: OAuth for Connect Webhooks

Tuesday, October 17 | 10am PT

Learn more about our enhanced security protocol OAuth for Connect (Webhooks)

In this webinar, we’ll cover one of our most adopted developer features this year: OAuth for Connect. By integrating the OAuth for Connect security protocol into your Webhook-driven applications, you can enhance the security level and verify that the notification messages your application receives are from DocuSign. It also ensures the messages received aren’t from an outside source and gives you more control over the security mechanism used.


NOTE: This technical webinar is intended for developers and engineers who are building DocuSign API integrations. Looking for something less technical? We recommend checking out DocuSign 101.

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At this event

In this webinar, you'll:

  • Understand OAuth for Connect Webhooks requirements
  • Learn how to configure OAuth for Connect Webhooks
  • Review Connect 2.0, plus get all your questions answered!

In this event

Alan Roza

         Alan Roza
         Product Manager

Melissa Marsh

          Melissa Marsh
          Marketing Programs Manager