The Agreement Cloud Expert Series:

Driving Revenue Through Innovation with Salesforce

Thursday, July 8th, 11am-12pm PT

Driving revenue is more complex than ever. The average sales opportunity now involves 10 people and lasts 17 weeks. We’ll take a deep dive into how DocuSign for Salesforce can automate the processes that currently slow down your team and frustrate customers. Directly inside of Salesforce, we’ll increase your sales team’s productivity, reduce risk, and help close deals faster. Equip your reps with new technology, shift how they collaborate internally, and help them engage with prospects to get deals done.
Join your peers and other Sales leaders to see how you can transform your sales process through innovation. With your Salesforce and DocuSign platforms working as one, we’ll show you how to automate collaboration across teams within a single platform, uncover new opportunities, and close deals faster with CPQ, Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and AI technologies coming together. 


As your organization continues to go digital, we’re here to equip you with the tools you need to succeed. We look forward to seeing you at this virtual event.

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In this unique forum, engage with DocuSign experts and see: 

  • How to streamline the agreement process for MSAs or NDAs
  • How to create quotes faster improving turnaround time with customers
  • How customers of Salesforce and DocuSign are leveraging both platforms for AI and CLM
  • A demo of how Salesforce CPQ works with DocuSign CLM and DocuSign Insights, DocuSign’s AI tool for legal and sales to search and analyze agreement clauses